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Pantry Tower Oven- M/w 2 Draws


Carcass material:
100% Australian made 16mm HMR (high moisture resistant) Particle board.It is used for the back, sides, top and bottom of the cabinets.

Door material:
100% Australian made MR (moisture resistant) 18mm MDF .

Door colour:
You can select white satin or gloss finish or any other colour from Dulux. Please enter the name and the code of the colour.

The hinges we use are form Blum soft close made in Austria and they have a lifetime warranty.

You have the choice of Blum Antaro soft close lifetime warranty made in Austria or for an economical solution Hafele Matrix soft close.

All cabinets comes with dowels which acts as a guide for assembling the cabinet, that makes the assembly very simple easy and quick. You don’t need a template to put the cabinet together, with three moves you have the cabinet ready and all you need to do is to put the screws All the carcasses are predrilled for drawer runners and hinges.

Flat pack:
All parts have a sticker on them listing the part name and cabinet number to make it easy to put together each cabinet.

Areas you can use the cabinets:
kitchen, office, laundry, bathroom, study etc.

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