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Standard Size Cabinets


For a contemporary look choose a solid door style available in different range of finishes from high gloss to a satin finish in an 18mm MDF Moisture resistant You can choose white colour to brighten up your space or you can choose a combination of Polyurethane and laminate in wood shades for a modern and unique personal style.

Shadowline Polyurethane

For a contemporary look choose a solid door style available in different range of finishes from high gloss to a satin finish in an 18mm MDF Moisture resistant Shadowline is the perfect combination of chic lines in a kitchen without handles allowing easy opening. You also have the choice of an impressively discreet combination of two colours which is the trend in modern kitchens or a plain block white can be an option to brighten up your space.

Shaker Polyurethane

Traditional kitchens are classy, elegant that have truly stood the test of time. Kitchen design trends comes and goes but traditional kitchens will always remain firmly planted as a popular kitchen style. Traditional kitchens are warm, welcoming, flexible, versatile, and timeless. It can suit a wide range of home styles as you can make it look more modern by using various design and accessories. Traditional kitchens are made from 18mm MR MDF and are available in different shaker designs.


Create a beautiful and unique kitchen in a variety of colours and finishes from a plain colour to an amazing wood shade for a very modern durable kitchen in a very affordable cost.

Laminate Shadowline

The perfect combination of sleek lines in a kitchen without handles allowing easy opening and modern look. Laminate due to the lower cost of processing comparing to Polyurethane gives you the opportunity to create a beautiful kitchen with beautiful colours and wood shades but at the same time a high quality due to its durability as material itself in a very affordable cost. Laminate is 16mm MDF moisture resistant.

HMR White

We use HMR particle board melamine from Polytec, it's an exceptional durable, moisture resistant material 100% Australian made. Due to the low cost and its durability, it is ideal to use in rental properties, housing commission, laundries, storage rooms, wardrobes etc It can be replaced quick and cheap.
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Kitchen Guide Quote
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Our flat pack kitchen products and services

For our flat pack kitchen products, we use the best quality hardware. These are the ideal options for renovating your investment property at an affordable cost. We work fast in these cases and can deliver your work in almost no time at all. Many people do not want flat pack kitchens because most of the flat pack kitchens offered by other vendors do not always have the best features or quality. However, with our company, you do not have to make any such compromise. You can be sure of this. We manufacture our products with the best materials available in Australia.

Our Projects
BOS Joinery – The Best Vanities in Sydney CBD
Do you want to increase the storage space that you have in your bathroom without disrupting its interior design? In that case, you will need to buy bathroom vanities. Whether you are in the Sydney CBD or from surrounding areas, you will find what you need at BOS Joinery. We are the best brand for these products in the region. The first reason for such a statement is the quality of our range. We have all kinds of storage solutions that people may need for their bathrooms. We have traditional designs that are so graceful. We also have products in the latest styles. We offer both floor-mounted and wall-hung vanity units for your bathroom. We have products from all the latest brands too. If you want customised products according to your tastes and preferences, we can also get them for you. Our vanity units are as useful as they are elegant. You can say the same about our bathroom furniture and cabinets too. We can help you add the best final touch to your bathroom. As we have said already, we have a diverse range. This means that when you shop from us, you will not suffer from a dearth of options. With us, you can get whatever bathroom vanity that you want to. When you get the right bathroom vanities in Sydney CBD, they can change the very look and feel of your restroom. They can change the design too. No matter what you are doing with your bathroom – renovation, building a new one, or updating the existing one – you should devote some time and think about various factors that usually affect such purchases. What bathroom cabinet and vanity will be the best option for you? What do you need for your bathroom?
The importance of design
How have you designed the rest of your home? Does your home have a country feel? If yes, go for warm tones with shelves and cupboards made from materials such as wooden laminate. You can also choose chrome if you are looking for a minimalist look. If you live in an urban apartment or a modern home, you can go for plain patterns and colours.
The importance of budget
Before you buy bathroom vanities in Sydney CBD, always think about how much you can spend on such a product and the services that you need with it such as installation and shipping. Do some back-calculation after you get to the initial figure. When you do such budgeting in the initial stages, it can prove useful later on. It is useless to spend money on the bathroom vanity and then find out it cannot be hung on your bathroom wall, or that it does not blend well.
How can we help you?
As we have said already, we have a diverse range, so you are likely to find what suits your bathroom from us rather than anywhere else.

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